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Your Kids Doesn't want to Eat Fish? Here are some Tips for You Illustration (Photo: iStock)

TIMESSEMARANG, JAKARTAFish are known to contain lots omega-3, DHA, vitamin D and calcium. According to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) kids normally should eat 1 to 2 times of fish in a week since they were 2 years old.

Lots of kid will avoid to eat fish for their smell. However here are some tips for you to make it happen.

1. Make it as patty

Dana Murrell, Executive Chef di Green Chef suggested that parents should make their own party from fish. The white fish or salmon could be an alternati e to reduce the smell.

2. Make it in to a nugget

Some kids would love to have fried things on their table. If they do, you could trick them by making them some fish nugget which is layered with bread crumbs or fried it like or just fried it with bread crumbs.

3. Serve it with sweet sauce

Remember, kids love sweet food. So, cooking your fish and add it with some sweet sauce like teriyaki sauce or the sauce they like might would help.

4. Served it with beautiful dressing

Kids usually will love unique form or dressing on their food. Colorful dressing will take their attention and make them try the food eventhough they doesnt like it. Their favourite cartoon or color could be one alternative for you to attempt their desire of eating.

5. Cook it regularly

Cooking fish regularly as the main menu for your family at least once or twice a week will make them think that fish is just their regular meal not an enemy. Your kids will be accustomed to the taste, texture and also the smell. (*)

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